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 5 Dec 2016 - ESCA and Microlab  upgrades in progress - The engineer is on site to upgrade the data systems for both the ESCALab and MicroLab to W7.  As with all upgrades and maintenance, there is always a risk.  These systems will be unavailable until further notice. - Please contact Jung Soo or Lei. 


 1 Dec 2016 - Ultra PC  upgraded with new SmartSEM - The Ultra PC has been upgraded and we now have the latest version of SmartSEM installed - all in preparation for commissioning correlative microscopy.  We are in the process of reestablishing all the SEM user accounts - Please contact Nina.


10 Nov 2016 - Quanta FEG environmental SEM fully operational - The FEI Quanta FEG has been on line and fully operational for nearly a year.  This system has full SSD EDS system and the image quality is excellent because of the FE source.  We encourage all the users with highly outgassing materials (such as porous materials or loose powders) to get trained on this machine  - Please contact Lei or Nina.


1 Nov 2016 - New Correlative Light - Electron Microscopy coming to the Ultra - The new correlative light microscopy system along with the unique Shuttle&Find system has been delivered and is expected to be installed in 2-3 weeks.  This upgrade will allow us to correlate polarization and fluorescence LM info with detailed EM info.


25 May 2016 - New SSD-based EDS system coming to the LEO - An Oxford Xmax SSD EDS system is on order and will replace our 15 years old EDAX system.  We expect to commission this as soon as possible within the next 2 months.  With the SSD, there is no need for liquid nitrogen and we hope the s/w will be more user friendly.  Some quick re-training will be needed.


21 April 2016 - All tools are up.  Happy data mining - Service was performed for both the LEO and Ultraplus SEMs. EBL users of the LEO should be aware that the beam is now much better aligned and they may need to do appropriate beam calibration.  A new filament has been installed in the Ultraplus and the tool will be released if it passes the stability and performance tests.   Image quality has been improved significantly for both SEMs. 


 30 September 2015 - WATLab new PROMO launched  -  See WATLab Primer.  And, take a virtual tour with us, let's go to WATLab Virtual Tour 480p or  YouTube.



How to become a certified SEM user?  Please follow the FAQ link above or here for more details.  Please contact  Nina  to arrange for SEM training and certification.

Looking for an exciting graduate or undergraduate research project in nanosciences and nanotechnology?   Please contact tong@watlab.com for further information. 




Established with funding support from Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Province of Ontario in 1999, WATLab is the first multidisciplinary materials research centre in Canada's Technology Triangle.  WATLab offers a complete toolset for advanced materials research and emerging technology development.  Most of our instrument systems are state-of-the-art and some are unique in Canada, and they include:

  • all areas of microscopy and diffraction [Zeiss Libra 200MC TEM, Zeiss Leo 1530 and UltraPlus FESEMs (with EDX/OIM), FEI Quanta Feg 250 ESEM (with EDX), Zeiss Orion Plus HIM, Omicron VT-STM, DI D3500 Nanoman and Asylum BIO-3D AFMs, Olympus LMs; Anton Paar SAXS, PANalytical X'pert Pro MRD HR-XRD and MPD Powder XRD] - Contact Nina or Nafiseh or Saurabh  for SEM & XRD; Lei or Joseph for AFM, HIM, FIB & TEM; Anisur for LM, XRD & SAXS.

  • spectromicroscopy and spectroscopy [VGS ESCALab 250 Imaging ESCA, IONTOF SIMS-5, PE LS55 PL, PE Lambda 35 &1050 UV-Vis, Bruker Senterra-2 Raman, Bruker Tensor 27 FTIR] - Contact Joseph or Jung Soo for ESCA & Spectroscopies & SIMS; Lei for Auger;

  • bulk characterization [QD Dynacool PPMS, QD SQUID-VSM MPMS] - Contact Anisur;

  • lithography and nanomachining [Nabity and Fibics EBLs, Raith IBL, IMP Xpress Maskless OL, Zeiss Auriga FIB-SEM, DI Nanoman NL, Fibics NPVE];

  • wet and dry materials synthesis (all areas); and

  • rapid device prototyping (all areas). 

We offer pay-per-use service for both academic and industrial users at competitive rates, with our expert operators providing sample characterization measurement (and analysis).  For a selected number of tools (e.g. SEM), we also provide training to allow the users to access the tools through a self-serve booking system. 

To submit samples for analysis, please fill in Form A (and Form B for University of Waterloo users) above, and contact the respective technical specialists.  For all other enquiries and guided lab tours, please contact manager .


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